So here is my first ever attempt at a blog post!

So here is my first ever attempt at a blog post!

Just over a year ago I started my journey into the entrepreneurial world after losing my job due to Covid-19.

To say it’s been a rollercoaster is an understatement.

I’ve learnt so much about business, myself and gained some incredible clients. Plus I can safely say that I don’t regret taking that leap into the unknown.

I always knew I didn’t quite fit in the corporate world and despite the years hopping around from company to company I never found what I was looking for.

Being treated like just the admin drove me crazy. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life organising everyone else’s diary or booking meeting rooms.

It was boring and soul destroying. 

When I was setting up as a Virtual Assistant I knew I had to make my business a success.

As part of my journey I had some coaching as I was going round in circles in my head not knowing what to offer or who to work with.

My messaging was mixed at best. 

Looking back I cringe a bit at my first attempts of marketing (the word “Mumpreneur” anyone?)

The coaching was life changing for me. 

I had a lot of lightbulb moments. I realised I am great at what I do and that the years of bullying throughout my career had made me doubt myself. 

I saw the huge benefit in coaching and decided that I wanted to work with coaches and support them with their social media. All the networking and social media courses were about to pay off!

I feel very aligned to what coaches offer – helping people.  I love helping people and that is what coaches do so we are in alignment.

So my niche of working with female coaches was born.  I feel very lucky to have built a business in the midst of a pandemic and work with such lovely and inspirational women.

My work doesn’t feel like work and I love what I do everyday!